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Equity Centered Youth Action That Contributes To Shaping

Healthy, Vibrant, Resilient Communities.

Next Generation Leadership

CLUB STRIDE is a fun, energetic and engaging atmosphere where teens feel connected and supported, and discover a strong sense of belonging.  It is carefully designed to equip youth with the confidence that they need to be self-motivated learners, resilient and skilled leaders; and to expose them to premier resume building opportunities for college, career and for life.


This program is supported by the Public Health Department, The City of Vallejo, Solano County Communicable Disease, Solano County Transit Authority, the Solano County Workforce Development Board, Bay Area Health Inequities Initiative (BARHII), and other organizations statewide.


Using media technology, Club Stride nurtures competence and capacity for students to thrive in any learning environment, and to demonstrate personal excellence daily.  This is a life skills-based project to help students further develop (not only knowledge about leadership and civics, but the social life skills they will need) to inform and carry out leadership behaviors in every area of their lives.  

“During my brief internship with the organization...I was exposed to the process of content creation...In college I plan to major in screenwriting and film production...I believe my time at Club Stride has helped prepare me.” 


—  Kenneth Nelson, Intern

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