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The Heart of Our Organization

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Club Stride, Inc. was founded as a grassroots initiative in 1997 to support BIPOC teens through co-curricular activity and leadership principles.  The organization is a 501 (c)(3) public benefit corporation formed in the State of California in 2012 for the principle purpose of training and  empowering young leaders.

Today, Club Stride, Inc. provides high-quality experiential civic education to increase the scale, impact and equity of civic engagement.  Our overarching goal is to close civic participation gaps that contribute to unhealthy communities.  Our approach to civic renewal is youth-centered and participatory, and focuses on highlighting connections between media literacy and civic education.

Civic health is a key factor in the development of future economic health for every community.  Yet, large civic participation gaps persist, and marginalized populations continue to be grossly underrepresented, while the kinds of high-quality civic learning experience necessary to promote civic readiness is distributed in favor of more affluent students. 


Through a series of leadership and equity-based initiatives, Club Stride, Inc. utilizes civic media and technology to inspire youth expression, discussion and informed action for social change. 


The organization has developed confident, young public speakers and community advocates since 1997. 

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