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Social Impact that Empowers the Next Generation

The Club Stride, Inc. media and technology program is a college preparatory experience designed to propel youth portfolios for college and career.  It provides a unique leadership development experience where civic media, digital marketing and technology are utilized to develop and promote young public speakers and tech intelligent community organizers, who campaign against social injustices that disenfranchise communities.  Civic media is a powerful tool for inspiring a resurgence of the youth voice in local and national governance.  We harness this power by engaging our youth leaders in strong social media campaigns and marketing strategies to support advocacy projects.  In doing so, our programs provide space for youth to exercise their power in meaningful ways and participate in social justice advocacy through technology based systems and skills development.   ​ We are exposing youth to technologies, such as data analytics, artificial intelligence, and automation that will be critical for their success in effectively leading the next generation in the digital world.  As a result, youth of color can leverage these skills to better the communities they live in.  In alignment with Club Stride’s mission to empower communities of color and challenge systemic inequities, our curriculums are designed to equip youth with marketing and communication tools to help address problems and issues of concern in their diverse communities.  By honing these vital skills, Club Stride youth will be better prepared to navigate various personal and professional landscapes and contribute to shaping the life of their own communities.  Studies show that mistrust of traditional government is increasingly growing.  At the same time civics is changing and the public is becoming more open to participation through media and technology.  In fact, prestigious institutions of higher learning are tackling this tough issue and are currently designing media tools and spaces for social change through participatory practices.  For example, the MIT Center for Civic Media believes that civic media " a key way of ensuring that an emergent civics is more fair and inclusive than current methods."  Through similar participatory practices, Club Stride youth discover the rich relationships between communities, and media and technology, and they connect to the essence of information and power.  We continue to seek out tools and research to help us develop innovative ways to foster digital inclusion, expand civic participation and magnify the voice of communities otherwise isolated from civic participation. Our youth leaders are part of a wave of transformational leaders making strides to increase the flow of information in the world.  We believe that this is necessary to end inequity in civic participation and shape a better future for everyone.

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