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Wellness Project

Youth interns take the lead in a very important conversation about student wellness.  Students are advocating for more mental health resources on school campuses and say that students are suffering through emotional issues alone on campus where proper resources are not distributed equitably throughout their city.  

A new teen podcast, Vallejo Online Talks, will discuss the wellness issue and other concerns in the youth community on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Google Music and Apple Podcast.  

Coding for Social Justice

Engineer Tim Smith mentored 5 Vallejo students in coding last quarter as part of Club Strides new coding program. Participants Adrian Reyes, Jaime Almeida, Marquis McCleod, Charlie Hawkins III and Damon Booker participated in a pilot program that supported youth activism on local high school campuses. The primary website for this project was created through the new program, which will be a powerful tool for anchoring future student advocacy campaigns.

Health Equity in Solano County

Girls Eye interviews Dr. Shandi Fuller at the Solano HEALS Open House, held at JFK Library. Our hosts learn about black infant mortality and what 

Solano HEALS is doing to combat this issue. Wonderful opportunity for Azaria, who wants to be a neonatal traveling nurse. 


Club Stride is Collaborative Partner: National March For our Lives, Vallejo

Club Stride provided media services, and collaborated with a number or organizations toward the success of the Vallejo March For Our Lives. Special thanks to The Eric Reyes Foundation for enlisting our media services. In addition, Club Stride speakers participated as MC and stage management and Club Stride alumni spoke and performed.

Vallejo Alliance Towards Unity

The first session of the VATU program yields a cohort of 60 students from three local high school campuses.  After receiving over 400 applications for the program this year, Club Stride is gearing up for its second cohort, which will start June 15, 2020.

Local Photographers support 2020 Grades

For three weeks, local photographers offered free cap and gown portraits to support graduates.  "We practice strict social distancing," says Rhonda Renfro, the organization CEO.  Photographers like Rhonda Green, owner or Magg Pie Photography and Terrence Vaden, founder of Balanced Frames gave freely of heart and of their professional expertise to uplift over 100 students.  Club Stride received inquires from all of the bay area, and intends to make this service available to low income students annually. Next year student photographers participating in Club Stride programs will shadow professional photographers as services are provided to grads.

Free 2020 Cap and Gown Portraits

To support #beUP2020 and uplift 2020 graduating seniors in our city, Club Stride gifted professional cap and gown portraits for graduating students. Instead of this year only being remembered as one of the worlds most devastating moments in history, Club Stride partnered with local photographers to show humanity that rises above it.  Let a spirit of unity be what we remember most about this year.  The only way from here is up.  #beUP2020.

Health Equity in Solano County

Club Stride participants work alongside county representatives to spread awareness about health equity.  Students interview Solano County community leaders and employees about health equity issues faced by employees in the county.  

The New Girls Eye Broadcast Begins June 27

Girls Eye is a broadcast created to provide an outlet for discussion of issues impacting teenage girls. The overarching purpose of the broadcast is to allow a platform for girls to relate, engage and unite.

The broadcast is the brainchild of Club Stride leader, Azaria Riggins, who will host the show.  "Our goal is to highlight the unspoken truth of the teenage girl experience.," says Azaria.  

Girls Eye will be a seasonal broadcast.  Stay tuned. 

No Justice.  No Peace.

On June 7, 2020 Club Stride and local area organizations marched and rallied against racism and for police reform.  Over a thousand residents marched approximately two miles in support of national efforts, but more specifically to protest police violence in the city of Vallejo, where the California Attorney General Xavier Becerra has issued an "expansive review" of the Vallejo Police Department, citing recent high-profile police shootings, including that of Sean Monterrosa which came at a time when cities across the country are protesting police violence.  

In Vallejo, families of those shot and killed by local police have been demanding police accountability for years.  Club Stride joined their efforts by supporting state legislation (AB931 and then AB392) beginning in 2016.  In 2019 a revised version of the bill was signed into law by Governor Newsom.

Awarded Woman of the Year by Congressman Mike Thompson.

Dr. Rhonda Renfro, Executive Director and Founder of Club Stride, Inc. was honored by Congressman Mike Thompson as Solano County Woman of the Year.  Dr. Renfro formed the corporation in 2011 after years supporting youth.

Dr. Renfro continues to successfully cultivate powerful youth speakers and create platforms for them to be seen, heard and feel significant.

Olivia Sanchez Interns on the 13 Reasons Set at Film Mare Island

Film Mare Island is a film production company. Olivia will be a high school junior.  She has a long history of art and photography experience.  She has been a Club Stride member for two years. Discussion about a collaborative partnership between Club Stride, Inc.,  Film Mare Island and The Robby Poblete Foundation to facilitate a skills training and youth internship program is underway.

Club Stride Leader awarded by Mayor

Club Stride mayoral intern and Club Stride Leader, Troy Sambajon receives gift of acknowledgement presented by city of Vallejo mayor, Bob Sampayan.  Troy diligently worked side by side with students from other cities to draft a presentation that was presented before city council supporting reconstruction of a youth commission in the city of Vallejo.  Troy started off as a volunteer at Club Stride, but now participates in advocacy efforts to support equity and inclusion.

2018 Media Crew Cohorts Graduate

This year's media team is ready for the new school year.  They have had a great time learning photography this summer and are ready to practice photo journalism at their schools

Club Stride Visits the State Capitol

Club Stride had the honor of speaking with Assemblywoman Shirley Weber and staff during a recent visit to the State Capitol.  

4th of July Parade

This is the organizations 4th year in the parade.  It just keeps getting better.

"Through the Cracks" Article
Our Youth leadership opinion article was published by the Vallejo Times Herald: "Fighting the Diversity Norm."
Gun Violence Prevention

Club Stride launched it's Social Media campaign in support of AB 931 in 2018. Youth leaders continue to see this as a gun violence issue and are now supporting AB 392 a new version of AB 931..

Vallejo Youth Commission to be Reconstituted

Leaders Troy Sambajon and Daisaku Edwards were mayoral interns for 10 months developing a new structure for the Commission.  Club Stride will provide leadership training and help facilitate this transition.

Cal Stride News

Cal Stride News is the official media team on the Caliber Change Academy campus 2018 - 2019 school year. 

After school Enrichment

Club Stride provides after school tutoring and enrichment again this year.  

Gala & Scholarships
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Racial Bias Campaign
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Silent March
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Opinion Article
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Official Opening

Digital Marketing: Solano Youth Voices (SYV)

Solano Youth Voices is a wonderful organization that helps create and write policies so youth get their voices heard. We absolutely love SYV. In fact, we find it a great honor to enter into our second digital marketing contract with youth and staff. Looking forward to the next twelve months. We will be working very close together.

Azaria Riggins Awarded Solano County Student of the Year

Bright and extremely intelligent Azaria Riggins was a shoe in for the award presented to her at the annual Solano County Student of the Year luncheon.  

Azaria Riggins is a youth leader and spokesperson for Club Stride, Inc.  She has proven to be a committed member of our leadership team who is dependable, engaged and of great integrity. Congratulations Azaria!

Keynote Speakers: Touro University Teen Life Conference

Three fortunate Club Stride youth were chosen to talk with over 300 high school students about diversity and inclusion at the annual Teen Life Conference hosted by Touro University.  The 2018 event was fantastic.  In addition to speaking, Club Stride leaders facilitated discussions during breakout sessions about conference topics.  Each participant did an excellent job.  If you or someone you know is interested in participating next year as a speaker, please call our office at 707.731.2726.


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