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Club Stride is a youth empowerment organization that is responding to an unparalleled call for civic renewal that is critical to ensure the future economic health of every community.


Club Stride is an equity organization that gives tools and provides opportunities for our community to repair damage of decision-making that has historically impacted communities of color. Our stories and civic engagement pick up the broken pieces that structure systemic racism and mend them by revitalizing the youth voice and providing a platform for accountability. We do so by creating an opportunity for youth to reclaim their narrative by making decision-makers accountable to their roles in it.

We are increasing the SCALE, IMPACT and EQUITY of Civic Engagement.

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"Incredible excitement and enthusiasm from young people about getting involved in our community ...... Keep standing up for and speaking out about the issues that matter to you!"

Youth programs that teach tomorrow’s leaders to be informed, responsible community. 

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