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Who we are:

Our youth are not just learners within walls; they are young citizens shaping their tomorrow. We offer them a myriad of developmentally appropriate civic experiences that transcend the classroom and infiltrate into every aspect of their lives. By graduation, they will have honed a comprehensive skill set that includes: - Critical analysis, communication, and media literacy. - A functional understanding of government, law, history, geography, culture, economics, and current events. - The application of this knowledge to diverse settings. - A commitment to democratic values and informed actions that nurture their civic life. Level 1: Foundations in Media Production and Civic Engagement We lay the groundwork with simple media production projects that instill fundamental civic values such as diversity, equity, self-respect, compassion, mutual aid, justice, honesty, and truth. Our students engage in relationship and team-building activities, setting the cultural norms that reflect our shared beliefs and values. The creative output of our students is shared on social media and school marketing efforts to: - Build and boost student confidence for future engagement. - Promote the civic values at the heart of each school. - Establish incoming students as integral members of our civic media team, fostering future civic leadership and community action. Level 2: Civic Media in Action Here, we delve into the real-life application of civic engagement. Our students learn decision-making that encompasses the entire school community. They receive and provide feedback, using it to refine and elevate their work. In collaboration with Club Stride, they lead media campaigns that: - Address self-regulation and promote positive familial and community change. - Improve health and wellness at both individual and community levels. - Drive a collective spirit of civic participation and engagement within our schools. Level 3: The Ascent to High School Civic Leadership As students transition to high school, they receive immersive summer training in media technology, team building, and civic leadership. They: - Utilize civic knowledge and skills to make impactful decisions. - Engage in authentic experiences necessary for productive civic participation. - Develop a profound understanding of their role in and responsibility to larger social groups, emerging as civic leaders ready to join other Club Stride high school leadership programs. Career Exploration and Field Trips Our students also explore and practice media production careers, delving into photography, videography, audio mixing, social media marketing, content design, and website creation. They visit institutions like the Academy of Art and The Tech Interactive to connect their learning to the vibrant world of graphic arts, design, media, and technology. Join us on this ambitious journey as we cultivate the civic leaders of tomorrow, grounded in community, empowered by knowledge, and inspired by innovation.


Please complete our online parent contact information form so we can reach out with more details and see about getting your child involved with our community! *All information will be kept completely confidential and will only be used for the program.

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