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Evolving Into a Strong Leader is a Choice.  Top Colleges and Universities Require it.  Club Stride Fosters it.

Next Generation Leadership

The Club Stride College Prep program derives from our belief that leadership is crucial for entry to top colleges.  A well-rounded college application is a key to gaining admission to desired institutions.  By demonstrating a commitment to leadership and positive impact on community, aspiring scholars can make a compelling case for why they will be a valuable addition to any college's student body and ultimately employers and communities.  The Club Stride leadership experience showcases the potential of its members in this regard. Colleges aim to produce graduates who are not only academically proficient but also capable of making a positive impact on society.  Leadership experiences help students cultivate the skills and qualities necessary to become effective leaders in their chosen fields, communities, and beyond.  Many colleges are deeply involved in their surrounding communities through service projects, partnerships, and outreach programs.  We are developing effective leaders to be among student bodies of the nations top colleges to help bridge the gap between colleges and our most disenfranchised communities, facilitate positive interactions and further expand the advancement of racial and health equity.  Further, employers often seek candidates with strong leadership skills, as they are seen as adaptable, confident, and capable of taking on responsibility.  Colleges recognize that preparing students for successful careers is a key part of their mission and consider leadership as an important component for establishing career readiness. In an increasingly interconnected world, leadership experiences can expose students to diverse perspectives and global issues.  Many colleges encourage leadership roles in international or multicultural contexts, helping students develop a broader worldview.  In addition, leadership experiences can contribute to personal growth and well-being.  They provide students with a sense of purpose, achievement, and fulfillment, which can positively impact their mental and emotional health during their college years. Developing youth as leaders before applying to college is highly advantageous.  By doing so, we are equipping youth with valuable skills, enhancing their personal growth, strengthening their college application, and setting the stage for them to experience a successful academic and professional journey.  Whether pursuing a career in business, science, the arts, or any other field, the ability to lead and inspire others is a trait that will serve our next generation well.

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