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Action in Movement (AIM) exposes the normalization of substance use by youth to dispel the false sense of community that users are internalized to feel within the culture.


Vision of Action In Movement

We are fighting for awareness, making resources available and providing solutions. We are also fighting to educate youth on the dangers of SUD (Substance Use Disorder).

We aim to stop the funnel that leads the youth to SUD, the stigma surrounding reaching out for help, and getting rid of barriers to resources.


Conducting Listening Circles & Activities to Support Social Emotional Development

AIM conducts listening circles to create a safe space where youth can express themselves without feeling pressure or judgement; strengthen relationships, enhance learning, provide social-emotional support, and build and restore connections.  This allows AIM facilitate conflict resolution through open dialogue, empathy, and community involvement to heal, repair harm, and prevent future issues.​  In addition, since effective circles rely on trust, once trust is established, students can more readily build connections, share their thoughts, and engage in problem-solving.

Flyer for AIM Program

Meet The Team

AIM Community Affirmations

Our power is defined by our commitment to each other;
We are not afraid to be wrong;
We will act on every opportunity;
The future belongs to us because we believe in ourselves;
Our success is a decision;
We stand together in the face of adversity;
We are who we make ourselves out to be; 
We choose community over competition;
Our values make us a proud team;
We are not afraid to fail or lose.

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