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OUR WORK SKILLS DEVELOPMENT opportunities support youth ages 15 to 25 years old in the area of community organizing, politics, digital marketing, research and media technology.  All positions require a minimum 4 month commitment of 4 hours per week.  Participation is hybrid, depending on the internship chosen.

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Paid internships and a chance for youth participants to build skills, expand their networks and build capacity for continued advocacy to support COVID-19 recovery, transportation equity and STI prevention.

Conducting Youth Participatory Action Research (YPAR) to better serve vulnerable Solano County communities.  Partner with field experts to obtain qualitative data through one-to-one discussions/interviews, video, audio of focus groups or other research tools to support underserved communities.  

Participants will support a range of community engagement including digital advocacy. 

Participants will also work alongside industry professionals to assist with all aspects of projects.

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AIM (Action In Movement)

AIM exposes the normalization of substance use by youth to dispel the false sense of community that users are internalized to feel within the culture.

We exist because we all have been affected by substance use disorder (SUD) on a personal level, whether that be at school or in our home lives. We also strongly believe in fighting to make our community a better place.

We are fighting for awareness, making resources available and providing solutions. We are also fighting to educate youth on the dangers of SUD.

We aim to stop the funnel that leads the youth to SUD, the stigma surrounding reaching out for help, and getting rid of the barriers to resources.

Urgently hiring - Vallejo Residents only

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