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Board Members of Club Stride Inc
Wendy Loomas, Club Stride Board

Wendy Loomas is a retired Public Health Professional with over 15 years experience in the area of Family Violence Prevention Innovation. She is a committed leader with experience in program development and management, policy development and review, grant writing and implementation, public/private partnerships, social marketing, staff training, budget development and monitoring, contract management, and strategic planning. She has developed statewide model policy for universal domestic violence screening of clients and led local efforts to improve response to young children exposed to violence and to improve water safety for young children.

Gabriela Estrada, Club Stride Board

Gabriela Estrada is passionate about lowering barriers and increasing accessibility to information and resources, and has a track record of engaging multi-level and diverse stakeholders to build community relationships. She has a BA in Sociology and Communications. She is also te author of "Obstacles to Educational Attainment in a Transnational Community: The New Face of Mexican Migration: (2015)

Latalya Parrish, Club Stride Board

Latalya Parrish is a community member and Board member since 2016.

Dr. Rhonda Renfro, CEO

Dr. Rhonda Renfro is the CEO & Founder of Club Stride Inc. She is a respected leader who has been an advocate for youth development since at least 1997 when she founded Club Stride Inc. Club Stride provides high-quality experiential civic education to increase the scale, impact and equity of civic engagement; and to close civic participation gaps that contribute to unhealthy communities. In addition, Club Stride programs highlight connections between media literacy and civic education, and cultivate powerful youth speakers who champion equity centered youth action that contributes to shaping healthy, vibrant and resilient communities.

Dr. Devon Lee, Club Stride Board

Dr. Devon Lee is a scholar-activist committed to the pursuit of social justice through applied research, professional development and community organizing. Africana Studies centered research, analysis and intervention that is specific to the needs of marginalized groups. To create interventions that strategically align with collective interests and self-determination.

Hesten Parrish, Club Stride Youth Advisory

Youth Advisory Member, Guy "Hesten" Parrish is a 17-year-old college student, community leader, and East Oakland native. He is the personification of Grit, Confidence, and Outgoingness. He is an extroverted techie, so his skills reside in basic web development as well as AI and effective communication, delegation, and overall teamwork. Learning new abilities that can help him with his writing, critical thinking, or technology skills is one of his most enjoyable hobbies. Being aware of the problems that reside within his community, then searching for solutions has been a main focus, and he has been with Club Stride, Inc. for over eight years.

Anthony Volkar, Club Stride Board

W. Anthony Volkar has a masters of Arts in Education, and Bachelors of Arts in Political Science and Communication. He also has a background in community engagement, educational programming, program development, volunteer coordination, specialization in large-scale event planing and advancement of student advising.

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