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Future Leaders:The Intersection Between Research and
Digital Skills

Welcome to our Research page, where we explore the vital connection between research, digital leadership, and the skills necessary for today's youth to become future leaders. 


In an ever-evolving world, knowledge, adaptability, and digital proficiency are key to unlocking the potential of our next generation. This page will delve into the importance of research and how it intersects with achieving social impact and activating tools like digital marketing, media technology, coding, and AI.

For college students and aspiring future leaders, the ability to gather, analyze, and synthesize information is paramount.  Through research, Club Stride is equipping students with the skills to understand complex issues, develop innovative solutions, and make data-driven choices.  Whether it's conducting experiments, surveys, or literature reviews, research is the foundation upon which knowledge is built and the cornerstone of informed decision-making.

It is becoming increasingly clear that digital leadership goes beyond traditional leadership qualities.  Future leaders must know how to navigate the digital landscape effectively to be able to foster growth, innovation, and positive change. Tomorrow's leaders must understand the power of technology and its potential for both personal and societal transformation.  Likewise, digital marketing, media technology, coding, AI, and other digital tools are interconnected, shaping the landscape of modern leadership that will be needed to drive meaningful social change in the future.

The following diagram was developed by the Youth Advocates for Community  to show stages of Youth Participatory Action Research (YPAR), which is an empowering methodology that places young people at the center of research and decision-making processes.  It goes beyond traditional research methods by actively involving youth in identifying, analyzing, and addressing issues that matter to them and their communities.  Through YPAR, Club Stride leaders become agents of change, develop critical thinking and leadership skills, and the ability to advocate for data driven positive social impact.  YPAR is not just research.  It is a catalyst for youth empowerment and community transformation that allows us to have lasting impact.

Club Stride Inc Flyer recruiting youth for research internship

As we prepare for the Future, gaining the ability to adapt and learn continuously is essential, particularly for communities disproportionately impacted by the current digital divide.  Future leaders must be tech-savvy, data-literate, and socially conscious.  By embracing research and digital skills, they not only prepare themselves for the challenges of tomorrow but also contribute to a brighter and more innovative future for us all.


We believe that research, digital leadership, and the myriad of digital tools at our disposal are interconnected elements of empowerment for today's youth.  Aspiring future leaders and college students should recognize the importance of research in shaping their understanding of the world and use digital skills to drive positive change. Together, they hold the key to a brighter future filled with boundless possibilities. 

YPAR Wheel
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