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Teaching our youth to be informed, responsible citizens is a vital, long-term solution to current political and societal dysfunction.  Studies show that civic health will be a key factor in the development of our community’s future economic health. Yet, there are still large civic participation gaps, and marginalized populations continue to be grossly underrepresented, while the kinds of high-quality civic learning experience necessary to promote civic readiness is distributed in favor of affluent students. As a result, underrepresented youth are not only unprepared for the most basic civic participation (voting and understanding how powers are divided), but they do not acquire the broader skills necessary for them to advocate for themselves and others on matters of public relevance. Reversing this inequity is critical, making this a time of unparalleled necessity for civic renewal.


You can help!  Become a sponsor.  Get the brand exposure and access your organization needs.  Allow us to customize a sponsorship package to meet the needs of your organization.  Or DONATE $1,000 NOW toward one dinner table, which includes transportation to and from the 2024 conference for ten (10) students, as well as access to the event opportunity faire, a VIP dinner and entertainment.  DONATE any amount now and join us in this effort to rejuvenate civic pride in our cities and promote experiential civic education that involves underserved and marginalized youth in the democratic process.

Please call our office or email to speak with us personally.  Learn more about customizing an option that better meets your organization’s needs. Email or call (707) 306-4600 for more information, or to become a sponsor.

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