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2020-2021 Vloggers

Madison Lindke (2).png
The Club Stride Vloggers Team is responsible for creating vlog messages focused on key strategies to support social media campaigns to advance criminal justice reform.

Vlogger Bios

Madison Lindke (2).png
Daniella Santos is a Youtube Vlogger and photographer.  She is also a staff intern who participated as a content creator during the summer session at Club Stride.  Her favorite form of expression is film and video.  She is a straight A student, which she has maintained since freshman year of high school.  She is currently a high school senior.  Daniella's favorite person is her mom, who she says knows her best and is really caring towards other people. 
Madison Lindke (2).png
Edgard Carrasco's favorite form of expression is playing video games.  He enjoys participating in and making a difference in his community.  One of his most memorable accomplishments was interning at projectVATU, where he spoke in video podcasts about issues impacting the youth community.  His podcasts were broadcast on Spodfy, Google music, Apple music and Youtube.  Edgard's favorite person is his little sister, because she always manages to make him smile.
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