2020-2021 Podcasters

The Club Stride Podcasters Team hosts a variety video series that is streamed through Spodify, Apple Music, Google Music and YouTube with entertaining and informative discussion about relevant youth issues.  The series includes commentary, interviews, discussion and other forms of digital audio/video focused (in part) on key strategies to support social media campaigns that advance criminal justice reform.  
Currently studying Bio Med in college, Daisaku Edwards continues to support community efforts through public speaking and community organizing.  He is the staff intern responsible for audio podcasts, including storytelling/writing and research.  
Staff Intern, Neveah Wyatt is responsible for working with her team to create video podcasts.  Her favorite form of expression is dancing and one of her greatest accomplishments was when she became a student representative during tenth grade.  Neveah has a heart for advocacy and a strong voice.  She continues to grow in leadership and works hard to support her team.
April Jaeanne Madden loves poetry, books and most things involving words.  April has a history as a debater and is a strong speaker and leader.  She enjoys discussion, and is a level headed leader who cares deeply.
Jamier Harris attends Mare Island Technology Academy.  His favorite form of expression is reading.  He was eighth grade president, which is one of his most memorable accomplishments.  Jamier's favorite person is musician Beyonce Knowles, who inspires him to work hard for what he wants.
Ella Mishra has a huge interest in reading and school, and she aspires to be a lawyer.  Her favorite people are family, friends and teachers and one of her favorite terms of expression is singing. "I don't know why but I am very into singing at the top of my lungs to Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, and the original cast of Hamilton."  She has also always had an interest in drawing dragons from the book series Wings of Fire and admits to having a huge imagination, which allows her to use art!  She is a member of the Bay Area Urban Debate League, where she finds debate fun.  Her favorite food is homemade Indian food made by her grandmothers.  She enjoys learning new things, which is one of the reasons that she chose to join Club Stride, but the main reason that she chose to participate is that she wants to help the world. Her life goal is to positively change someone's life.  "I have huge opinions and I can't wait to use them to change the world!"


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