Civic Engagement

Next Steps Toward Community Healing:

  • Take impacted officers off the street WHO:

    • have committed two consecutive duty related critical incidents against BICOP within at two year period, in the past four years, including but not limited to excessive force or force that leads to death; excluding egregious incidences of excessive force (such as the George Floyd incident), which would require immediate termination.  Focusing on the mental health of impacted police officers to minimize its negative affects on racial and ethnic communities is a positive step for everyone.  No doing so represents a risk to public health.  In addition, impacted officers must undergo:

      • Mandatory six months mental health treatment and evaluation by an independent third party, and

      • should not be permitted to return to work in the city where the trauma occurred to begin to set in place systems of support that will heal the community and build trust in the community.


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