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Congratulations Troy!!

High school senior and Club Stride leader, Troy Sambajon was recently accepted as a participant on the Solano Youth Voices Leadership Council.  As a prestigious member of the Council, Troy will help write policies that affect youth in Solano County, outreach to other youth, increase his leadership skills and collaborate with some of the counties most powerful leaders.


Troy is an aspiring politician and youth leader in Vallejo, and it was our honor to recommend him.  His life's purpose is to transform lives and build better communities through politics.  "I want to be involved in politics and have a position of influence so that I can help those in need and positively impact my community.  I have always enjoyed the political landscape and want to be fully immersed in the politics of helping others," says Troy.  He has applied to St. Mary's University, Georgetown University, Stanford University, Columbia University, Princeton University, NYU and George Washington University.

Troy has been heavily involved in Club Stride, Inc., and is currently interning in Mayor Bob Sampayan's office.  He is responsible for co-creating the reconstitution of the City of Vallejo Youth Commission.  He is lead intern on this effort and is responsible for overseeing its implementation into the cities infrastructure, in collaboration with the Mayor's office, City Council and Club Stride leadership.  His hope is that other youth will be inspired to youth activism.  


A few of Troy's extra-curricular activities & Achievements:

Honors Physics - Honor Roll (2015 - 2017)

Member of the California Scholarship Federation and National Honor Society

Mayoral Intern - Mayor Bob Sampayan's Office (City of Vallejo)​​ (2017)

Co-Author - "Through the Cracks" Opinion Article, Fighting the Diversity Norm, published November 19: Vallejo Times Herald (2017)

Cheerleader - Earned the title of UCA All-American Cheerleader/invited to cheer for the 2018 New Years Day Parade in London.

Active member of the performing arts program at St. Patrick's High School (2015 2017)

Vocal Artist - Competitions/placed in National Competitions

Varsity Cross Country team (2015 - 2017)

Troy, 17
Vallejo, California
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