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Holiday Presents

Kids in Need, Just Need Some Glee

This school year our youth advocates are tackling criminal justice reform.  Through criminal justice reform campaigns, we hope to see a day when juveniles are no longer housed in detention centers, and we continue to imagine a justice system that is more healing and restorative. 

For now however, we know that children and families engaged with the criminal justice system need more support now than before the national pandemic.  So we're partnering with the Solano County Juvenile Justice Commission, organizations and community members to raise funds to buy presents, meals and necessities for youth in the Solano County juvenile detention center and their families this holiday season. 


Youth commissioner, Alina Math has organized the "Kids in Need Just Need Some Glee" donation drive to make this a magical holiday for youth in detention centers and their families.  Join us as we support her and gather glee in the 2020 Juvenile Justice Holiday Giving Campaign, and support one of our most vulnerable communities.  Find out more about the Solano Juvenile Justice Commission here:

To contribute click this present:  

Happy Holidays


The Juvenile Justice Commission is state mandated to investigate Juvenile Justice Courts, but in essence, commission members advocate for and protect the safety and well-being of dependent and delinquent youth in Solano County. 

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