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An online broadcast for girls, to highlight the unspoken truth of the teenage girl experience.

Girls are powerful, and when they believe in themselves they can do anything.

Girls Eye is an online broadcast that gives girls the opportunity, skills, and support to make their voices heard.  We encourage girls to contribute to society in powerful ways that transform and strengthen their communities.  Through experiential (hands-on learning) girls tackle the issues that matter most to them.

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Member Portfolios

aspires to be an Attorney.

Arianna Nickoles is a high school student currently attending Armijo High School.  She wants to attend the University of California, Davis. She is a leader in the Club Stride Inc leadership program, and she is a host on the Girls Eye podcast, which relate to, engages with and unifies high school girls in her community.  

Ms. Nickoles is passionate about helping others and also has a desire to be a pastor of her own church when she completes her education.  She is excited to help others to grow through her passion as a pastor.  She hopes to join the volleyball team next year and is determined to succeed in life.  

aspires to be a Graphic Design Artist.

Olivia Sanchez began her career as an artist in elementary school.  Soft-spoken and a bit shy, she spent her middle-school years developing those skills. Olivia has served on the Club Stride media team since summer 2016.    

Ms. Sanchez was awarded the student leader of the year by Congressman Mike Thompson in 2018. She also interned at Film Mare Island on the 13 Reasons set.  

Since the summer of 8th grade, Olivia has been involved in the community and acted against social injustices directed toward youth.  She took part in peaceful marches to bring awareness of youth issues and how violence plagues the nation.  She is creative and imaginative and has used her artistic ability to further campaigns against gun violence, human trafficking, and human rights. 


She is a graduating senior attending Vallejo High School, who has done very well in both AP and Honors art.  

aspires to be a Neonatal Pediatric Nurse.

Azaria Riggins is a high school senior currently attending Vallejo High School.  She wants to attend the University of Hawaii.

Ms. Riggins has been a member of Club Stride Inc. Since 2016 and is a dynamic speaker and leader.  She is the founder and president of her campus Transformation Club and the Co-creator of GIRLS EYE, and girls empowerment podcast that unites high school girls using social media.  

She is passionate about helping others and volunteered six hours per week as a tutor at Club Stride, Inc., where she has spent over 288 hours supporting underrepresented youth academically from January 2017 - May 2019.  She was a keynote speaker at the Touro University Teen Life Conference two years in a row and is a strong proponent of equity and justice in our community.  She has a background in marketing and works alongside media teams to develop graphics for digital marketing campaigns that support youth in Vallejo.  Azaria is caring, considerate and wonderful to be around. 

aspires to be a Model.

Mykia Fields attends Vallejo High School. She is an 11th grader who plans to go to modeling school and ultimately become a model. 


Ms. Fields is a member of Club Stride’s Girls Eye Podcast.  She understands the importance of preparing herself for a career as a model and is using the Girls Eye broadcast as a platform to learn public speaking, media production, and technology needed to brand herself and her image.


Mykia wants to begin pursuing her modeling career as a high school student.  She is excited about her future and her desire to make my parents proud of her success in life.

aspires to be a Family or Civil Attorney.

Maiya McCleod is a high school student currently attending Public Safety Academy in Fairfield.  She has a 3.6 grade point average, and plays on the varsity volleyball and softball teams for Fairfield High School.  

Ms. McCleod is part of her schools college career club and she actively participates in softball college camps.  

Maiya is very passionate about the criminal justice system and hopes to change it to make it more equitable for people of color.  She also enjoys working with youth and has volunteered during summers at a local daycare for several years.  

Maiya was inducted as a Club Stride member in 2019 and is a member of the GIRLS EYE podcast.

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