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Support Racial & Ethnic Fairness

We are expressing our support for racial and ethnic fairness in our counties and bringing awareness about an issues of public concern regarding how a new state law (SB-823) is being enacted. 


This new law will close down all state-run YOUTH PRISONS, and youth in those prisons will fall under the authority of their county of residence.


Since juvenile justice related racial and ethnic disparity disproportionately impacts black and brown people, the new law is written to advance and prioritize racial and ethnic fairness.  It directs county officials to work together with incarcerated youth, formerly incarcerated youth, their family members or advocates with lived experience to get insight and understanding that will help to successfully transform the juvenile justice system. 


Because all of the decisions being made concerning this law will primarily affect incarcerated people, formerly incarcerated people, their families and the communities where they reside, we are asking all Bay Area County Representatives to fiercely advocate for racial and ethnic fairness by engaging and empowering members of these communities as contributors and decision-makers in the process of enacting SB-823.


We will speak to the Solano County Board of Directors where activist are advocating for greater racial and ethnic fairness.  Click here to sign and support:  

According to SB-823 Section 1. (e):


It is the intent of the Legislature and the administration for counties to use evidence-based and promising practices and programs that improve the outcomes of youth and public safety, reduce the transfer of youth into the adult criminal justice system, ensure that dispositions are in the least restrictive appropriate environment, reduce and then eliminate racial and ethnic disparities, and reduce the use of confinement in the juvenile justice system by utilizing community-based responses and interventions.

Thank you for your support

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