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Featured Teen Activist

Gracie Osborne

Gracie took the entire leadership team by surprise when she quickly created an Instagram post in the first week of the program that focused on disparity in sentencing. She is quiet, but a powerful advocate for peace and justice. The month of February is especially important to Club Stride because it is Black History month, and the organization was founded by an African American woman who's vision to support young women in her own neighborhood is blossoming into a powerful work regionally. In an effort to support the current campaign, Gracie decided to create at least one Instagram post about Black History for every day of the month. For her service to community and racial justice, she has been awarded the distinguished Teen Activist Award for 2021. She will receive a plaque of excellence and a $100 scholarship award.  Some of her work is included in the gallery below for your enjoyment and recognition.  

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