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Equity Statement

Club Stride is an equity organization that gives tools and provides opportunities for our community to repair damage of decision-making that has historically impacted communities of color. Our stories and civic engagement pick up the broken pieces that structure systemic racism and mend them by revitalizing the youth voice and providing a platform for accountability. We do so by creating an opportunity for youth to reclaim their narrative by making decision-makers accountable to their roles in it.


Our youth exist in an era of increased access to information and technology, the growth and reach of politically engineered fake news, alongside political agendas that lead to racial injustice. Voter suppression, the intersecting legacies of mass incarceration and educational disparity, and the impact of state sponsored violence continue to shape the destinies of youth of color. Club Stride is committed to the empowerment of youth to repair past damage and shape new destinies for future generations. We do this through storytelling alongside civic engagement.


Authentic storytelling has been a tool that has the power to interrupt the engineering of racial and ethnic despair. Narratives of hope and injustice have a history of speaking truth to power. These narratives also inspire civic engagement to build opportunity in places where resources and people have disproportionately been taken away. The prison industrial complex, educational disparity, and police violence have targeted the communities that our youth are a part of. This selective targeting has impacted family, community, and the opportunity structure that our youth have access to. 


Club Stride Inc is a youth empowerment organization founded in 1997 to create a platform for youth in Solano County, CA and beyond. We provide youth with media tools and training in civic engagement that drives equity centered action. The history of our country hinges on youth taking a stand against injustice. Our goal is to continue this legacy by providing the education and tools to empower tomorrow’s leaders today.

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