Environmental Justice Tobacco Prevention Advocates

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                                          SOLANO COUNTY TOBACCO INHIBITORS (SCTI)


There is currently no smoke-free multi-unit housing in the city of Vallejo, a disturbing fact that impacts the quality of life for everyone currently living  in multi-unit housing in the city of Vallejo, but particularly youth, older residents and infants.  We want a city ordinance for smoke-free multi-unit housing in the city of Vallejo.  And with the support of our community, we are organizing for clean air and health communities for every Vallejo residents.


According to the CDC, Housing Remains a Major Source of Secondhand Smoke Exposure for Children

  • Children still have a higher prevalence of secondhand smoke exposure than adults, and most are exposed in the home. In 2019, an estimated 6.7 million (25.3%) of middle and high school students reported secondhand smoke exposure in the home.

  • Children who live in multi-unit housing are more likely to be exposed to secondhand smoke.

    • An estimated 80 million people—or 25% of the population—in the United States live in multi-unit housing.

    • Among children who live in homes in which no one smokes indoors, those children living in multi-unit housing such as apartments or condos have 45% higher cotinine levels than children living in single-family homes.

    • Even when no one in the unit smokes, secondhand smoke can filter into other units via hallways, stairwells, and ventilation systems.

    • Secondhand smoke exposure during 2013-2014 was higher among people who rented (38.6% their homes than those who owned their homes (19.2%)

  • Policies prohibiting smoking in housing, coupled with cessation information, could encourage people who smoke to quit, and thereby reduce secondhand smoke exposure.