2020-2021 Content Creators

The Club Stride content creators team represents the primary online social media  component for branding campaign strategies.  Their responsibility is to create messaging focused on key strategies to support social media campaigns using various art mediums in collaboration with other teams advancing criminal justice reform.

Content Creator Bios

Terrence Vaden has been with the Club Stride organization since 2011.  He is a photographer and has led several of the organizations content driven efforts. He has excelled in pubic speaking over the years, doing radio broadcasts, successful podcasts, MC for event stages and public speaking as a spokesperson for the organization.  He was the organizations primary photographer instructor and has interview dignitaries and community members across the Bay Area.  He ran the organizations after school tutoring program for a few years and continues to be the lead staff for the 2020 - 2021 content creators team.
Gracie Osborne  enjoys drawing and is at her best when sketching. She has a strong desire to try new things and to be more open and stand out.  Her favorite food is macaroni and cheese and her favorite people are her dad and mom.   She says that her dad motivates her to be caring and be a person of faith.  Gracie is a recipient of the distinguished Teen Activist Award for her advocacy using created content.
Marietou Ndiaye  loves to express herself through art.  Throughout her entire time in middle school, Marietou kept a 4.0 grade point average.  She is currently in 9th grade and enjoys working with others to support community issues.


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