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Legislative Day of Action

Community Building for Criminal Justice Reform

OUR GOAL:  Support and Defend Legislation to Reduce Incarceration of Californians and Improve Lives

We are a Bay Area youth advocacy and base-building coalition.  We take action to strengthen the collective capacity of our communities to transform the criminal justice system, and build power. 

We believe that by reducing costly prison structure in the state of California, more of the state budget can be used for reentry assistance and other services that can help to promote rehabilitation, reduce poverty, and strengthen families and communities – particularly Black and Latinx communities, which have been disproportionately impacted by the pandemic and the deep recession;  as well as by generations of discrimination by the criminal justice system.

We are committed to challenging structural conditions that stand in the way of our ability to achieve this vision (ie. racism, corporate power), so that our actions will generate systemic changes, shift the balance of power and meet the real needs of our communities. 

We want to nurture meaningful and diverse alliances that increase our collective power toward criminal justice reform, and to be part of the growing California movement that supports state level legislation for reduction of incarceration of Californians through legislative strategies and community organizing efforts.


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Link to Understanding the Legislative Process:

California Senate Calender:

California Assembly Calendar:

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